Juice Lithium Ion batteries are designed and manufactured by Enertec Marine Ltd. Established in Auckland New Zealand in 1987, Enertec have long relationships with some the world’s best known marine electrical power product brands. Some of these brands include, TBS Electronics, Juice Power Products, Mastervolt, Marinco, Fischer Panda Generators, Spectra Watermakers, Katadyn Watermakers, AMI, Ample Power and Lopolight LED Navigation Lights.

​With over 10 years experience with Lithium Ion batteries in both marine and land based applications, the team at Enertec, in typical kiwi fashion, saw the opportunity to develop a new generation of Lithium Ion battery specifically for the marine industry which would resolve some of the installation issues with current product offerings.

To achieve this Enertec Marine teamed up with the Electrical Engineering Department at Auckland University to help develop a cutting edge Lithium Ion battery management system and cell balancing system to allow superior performance and longevity. Furthermore the design would offer some unique features which would provide simplicity of operation for the end user and integration, if required, with 3rd party equipment such as digital switching systems.

Finally, with the growth in electric propulsion aboard vessels and the requirement for higher voltage DC battery systems, the Juice Lithium Ion Professional series of batteries were designed with an integrated series balancer to allows a simple solution for these applications in mind.

While Enertec market and distribute the product in NZ and are dealing with a number of potential superyacht customers worldwide, Enertec’s goal is to work with like minded international companies interested in distributing this exciting product in their own markets.

Interested companies can contact Enertec to discuss distribution of Juice Lithium Ion batteries at info@juicelithium.co.nz.